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Brachér's style is born from his fascination with history, the universe, and the purpose of our existence. He is a thinker, a sensitive individual driven to explore his inner self in order to convey it in the physical world. As Brachér puts it, he's convinced he's lived before, perhaps multiple times. This sentiment is palpable in his artworks. His perpetual play with colors, materials, shapes, and figures lays the foundation for his evolving style. 
He continuously seeks to explore, constantly developing art for the ears, eyes, and soul. With his series NO LIGHT WITHOUT DARKNESS, Brachér seeks to encourage the viewer to not fear the unknown for it is merely lessons and knowledge yet to be explored and experienced. Inspired by the unknown and the captivating sky above, each painting is created with a methodical yet playful approach. By combining the use of his bare hands, sponges and paint brush strokes thrown from afar, Brachér creates alluring pieces that gives a sense of weightlessness to the spectator