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Expressionist, painter and musician


Born in January 1995 under the sign of Capricorn, Danish artist Martin Brachér has been driven by his innate talent for creation since childhood. His insatiable curiosity and questioning of life's intricacies made it difficult for him to conform to conventional norms. At the age of 5, he was enrolled into drawing school, where he delved into portraits and realism. These early skills provided him with the imagination to draw and cultivate surrealism at a level few can match. However, he never felt it was an option to further pursue his interest in art and despite his own strong desire, he found himself pulled in a different direction by the education system, and the norms of society. Perhaps his passion for painting and drawing was laid aside due to an incident, which affected young Brachér deeply, when a stranger warned him that having so much paint on his hands would lead to his death. Brachér vividly recalls scrubbing his hands raw at the sink that day, fearing the prophecy.

 At 18, Brachér joined the Danish armed forces, excelling in his service and later becoming a permanent member with deployment prospects. After two years of service, he was slated for a deployment to Mali, a piece of news that weighed heavily on his loved ones. The upcoming deployment tore Brachér apart emotionally. Encouraged by his mother, he returned to painting, finding solace in a realm where thoughts and emotions could flow freely. Brachér quickly realized that creativity had been suppressed within him for years, and he became almost obsessed with painting once again. The mission to Mali was cancelled, revealing to him that his true calling lay in colors and art, not in war.

Throughout his career, Brachér has garnered significant attention in his homeland of Denmark. His Cobra-inspired style and natural sense of composition and color have propelled him to great heights as a mostly self-taught artist. In 2018, Brachér painted an American jet, which was exhibited at the Danish Architecture Center in support of Danish refugee aid. This project opened many eyes to his bold gestures and his immense desire to make a difference where help was needed. Over time, his works have found their way into the collections of several prominent figures, including Antonio Candreva (former football player at INTER), Jens Stryger and Joakim Mæhle (Danish football players), Jeremy Bieber (father of Justin Bieber), Lovestick (drummer for Lukas Graham), Alex Høgh Andersen (actor known for his role as Ivar in HBO's VIKINGS), and the list goes on.

 In 2019, Brachér and Mohamed Hadid (known for building luxury villas and hotels in Bel Air and Los Angeles, and father to Bella, Anwar, and Gigi Hadid) established a collaboration with the airline AirAsia. A Boeing 737 passenger plane was to be adorned with Brachér's art through vinyl wrapping. However, the project was halted due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic posed problems on multiple fronts, but it also reignited an old flame for Brachér: music. Having played the drums from ages 8 to 13, he had already experienced performing small solo drum concerts. In 2020, Brachér delved back into music intensively, discovering a profound yearning to express himself through sound.

 In 2023, after two years of pursuing both music and art, Brachér secured his first record contract with SUNDAY (a sub-label of SONY). This was the year his debut EP, "THE GALLERY," was created, set for release on October 6, 2023. The EP features 7 tracks that encompasses both melancholic thoughts and uplifting beats, serving as an expression of his contemplations on life and death. These same reflections permeate his paintings.

 Brachér's personal style is born from his fascination for history, the universe, and the purpose of our existence. He is a thinker, a sensitive individual driven to explore his inner self in order to convey it in the physical world. As Brachér puts it, he's convinced he's lived before, perhaps multiple times. This sentiment is palpable in his artworks. Can a young soul paint with such depth of feeling, while simultaneously transforming it into a positive glimmer on the canvas? His perpetual play with colors, materials, shapes, and figures lays the foundation for his evolving styles. He continuously seeks new avenues, constantly developing and exploring a form of art for the ears, eyes, and soul.